Dr. Khaled Gad, MD, MHPE

Consultant neuroradiologist at Ibn Sina hospital, Kuwait

Dr. Gad received his doctorate degree in Radiology from Suez Canal University, Egypt with a focus on Neuroradiology/head and neck imaging. He got a master degree in health professions education from the Netherlands in 2013. Dr. Gad had a four-year training experience in the United States as a research fellow at Johns Hopkins neuroradiology and a research associate at Virginia Tech neuroscience imaging lab. where he achieved a record of publications covering a wide range of topics in neuroimaging, and head and neck radiology. He presented his work at 10 different meetings of the ASNR, ASHNR, and ESHNR. He has also served the ASNR as an elected member in 2006. Dr. Gad is currently a reviewer for Neuroradiology journal and the AJNR.