Pearls In Emergency Radiology Conference

Presentation of the Speakers


Prof. Avneesh Chhabra

  1. Shoulder Dislocation and Glenoid bone loss measurements
  2. Cruciate ligament injuries- Pre and post op
  3. Elbow ligament injuries and valgus overload syndrome
  4. Ankle osteochondral injury- pre and post op
  5. Hip subluxation vs impingement
  6. Wrist ligament injuries

Dr. Ajay Kumar Singh

  1. Role of MR in Emergency setting
  2. Case Based approach to acute abdomen
  3. Abdominal Pain in ED Patient – General Considerations
  4. Pancreatitis – Challenges and New Concepts
  5. Appendicitis and Its Mimics – Not Always Easy
  6. Acute gynecological conditions
  7. Pearls and Pitfalls bowel obstruction
  8. Imaging of Abdominal Hernias
  9. Imaging Consideration in Pregnant Patient

Prof. Jon C Davidson

  1. Trauma care in the US. The important contribution of Radiology
  2. Portal Hypertensio in IR
  3. Shock, Trauma, and IR: Where does IR fit in the management of acute postraumatic hemorrhage
  4. Saving the Kidney: What is the role of IR in Rena Trauma
  5. Vena Cava Filters: When do they help?
  6. Technical primer on Percutaneous Nephrostomy


Dr. Mini Pakkal

  1. Acute aortic syndrome
  2. Imaging of pulmonary embolism – pearls and pitfalls
  3. Use of cardiac CT in the emergency department for investigation of chest pain
  4. Triple rule out
  5. Stenosis and beyond on Coronary CT
  6. Thoracic trauma

Dr. Bharti Khurana

  1. Imaging traumatic aortic injury: Update 2019
  2. Imaging solid qrgan injury
  3. Blunt bowel & mesenteric injury
  4. Our initial experience with dual energy CT in imaging the trauma patient
  5. Imaging cervical spine injuries

Dr. Makki Almuntashri

  1. Stroke Imaging: Evolving Practices
  2. Traumatic Brain Imaging: Pearls and Pitfalls


Prof. Samar El Farra

  1. Emergency imaging – updates and review- parts 1 (safety reports - pediatric emergency imaging)
  2. Emergency imaging – updates and review- parts 2 (Whole Body CT in trauma imaging -Abdomen & pelvic emergency imaging )
  3. Emergency imaging – updates and review- parts 3 (vascular emergency imaging )
  4. Artificial intelligence role in emergency radiology

Dr. Dinesh Chinchure

  1. MRI in Neurological Emergencies
  2. MRI in Musculoskeletal Emergencies
  3. Emergencies on Chest and Abdominal Radiographs
  4. Radiographs on Extremities and Spinal Trauma

Titles of Interactive Sessions

  1. Nerve injuries and bone marrow evaluation
  2. Cardiothoracic mixed cases
  3. Trauma
  4. Trauma and interventional Radiology
  5. Pearls and pitfalls in bowel obstruction
  6. Neuro Emergency case-based review
  • Prof. Avneesh Chhabra
  • Dr. Mini Pakkal
  • Prof. Shan Kathirkamanathan Shanmuganathan
  • Prof. Jon C Davidson
  • Dr. Ajay Kumar Singh
  • Prof. Jenny Hoang